Monday, September 07, 2015

Tak Kee Chiu Chou Restaurant 德記潮州菜館 - A Classic Staple

This Chiu Chow fare has obviously taken over the Kennedy Town. It's not just about cold crab and soy sauce meat, they offer a solid variety of classic Teochew dishes which have never been disappointing. 
The cavernous environment is set with an open kitchen, have tables put together very closely and services are extremely fast. Each table is to start off with spicy tofu pieces and pickles.
Coming to the favorite main staple, the braised goose web and wings are marinated in house specialized soy sauce, very meaty and served cold.
The fish stew is also cooked tastefully with juicy turnips and I love the gelatin thick skin of the fish pieces.
Famed for the classic oyster pancake, instead, it is prepared deep fried with excellent crispness and fatty juicy baby oysters, which is to be served with fish sauce and a dash of pepper.
The crab porridge also comes in hefty portion, combines of long grain rice, delicious broth, a whole crab and dried salted fish. It is a wonderful assortment given that the rice is of perfectly al dente texture.
In addition, I also included some of my favourite dishes from my previous visits. Both the scrambled eggs and boneless duck are packed with homey and delicious flavors.
Tak Kee is a typical choice for hearty and rightful Chiu Chow meal. It is always found with crowds and lines so make sure to come early to catch a table.
Oh! And don't forget to visit the bowl pudding granny, who takes up the corner of Tak Kee every night. She sells some yummy traditional goodness that bring back so much childhood memories to me!
I want a brown sugar with no beans please!

Deep Fried Baby Oyster Pancake

Spicy Cabbage & Dried Tofu, Pickles
菜甫辣豆腐乾, 咸酸菜

Goose Web & Wing with Soy Sauce

Fish Head & Belly with Turnip in Pepper Broth

Fish Head & Belly with Turnip in Pepper Broth

Crab Porridge in Chiu Chow Style

Braised Eel with Salted Chinese Cabbage

Fried Whitebait with Scrambled Egg

Deep Fried Boneless Duck with Taro Puree

Tak Kee Chiu Chou Restaurant 德記潮州菜館
Address: G/F, 33 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2819 5568
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11:30-15:00, 17:30-23:00

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