Monday, August 24, 2015

Arome Bakery 東海堂 - The Melon Shower

Lately, Arome Bakery has again introduced two new series to their patisseries. The earlier is a Japanese melon whilst the other is our all time favourite Uji matcha green tea
After a few collections of their sweet purple potato and autumn chestnut, I know I should continue it with these melon cakes, which has been an obsession literally!
There is a promotion of 15% discount for 3 per purchase, so I decided on a melon tart, melon roll cake and an Uji matcha rather than the less attractive melon dessert cup.
While the fluffy sponge roll is filled with cubes of fresh melon and sweetened whipped cream that has a slightly artificial melon flavor, the butter tart is similarly topped with very fresh honeydew melon balls but less cream.
Coming to the matcha cup, I am disappointed by the weak matcha flavor of the dome shaped jello, which has been overridden by the thick cream cheese. A worth to note is the moist matcha sponge layer in between that is comparatively better and delectable.
After all, it is true that the baby light green colour is particularly appealing, but this green set is certainly not be my favourite.

Melon Roll Cake

Melon Tart

Uji Matcha Cream Cheese Cup

Arome Bakery 東海堂
Address: Shop G56, G/F, Phase II, Kingswood Ginza, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories
Telephone: 2790 7606

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