Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shanghai Po Po 上海婆婆 - The New Granny Spot

Shanghai Po Po is the latest addition to Aberdeen Centre 4. This modest Shanghai restaurant is enriched with vintage design, bright lining of LED lamps along with stylish table settings. No surprise that their food is very Shanghai inspired but with more elaborated options over the classic traditional dishes.
For a nice start, the pork trotters have no greasiness and is rather crunchy and refreshing after being marinated in a Hua Diao Chinese wine.
A favourite of mine is definitely this crispy deep fried eel drenched thoroughly in a tangy and sweet sticky sauce, which is super addicting.
The thicken soup is also a comforting one, made as simple as it sounds, with silky fish bites and chopped preserved vegetables. 
The pan seared buns are not disappointing too! They are satisfyingly fluffy and is filled with onion strips and juicy ground beef. 
Our meal finally ends warmly with mini rice dumplings in a slightly sweetened osmanthus and wine soup.
No doubt that this place well worths a mob for some Shanghainese comfort food.

Shanghai Po Po

Drunken Pork Pettitoes

Wuxi Crispy Eel

Diced Fish Thick Soup with Preserved Vegetables

Diced Fish Thick Soup with Preserved Vegetables

Shanghai Noodles in Soup

Shanghai Noodles in Soup

Green Onion Beef Bun

Green Onion Beef

Mini Rice Dumplings in Rice Wine & Osmanthus

Mini Rice Dumplings

Shanghai Po Po 上海婆婆
Address: Shop No. 14, 1/F Site 4, Aberdeen Centre, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2601 2120
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00

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