Sunday, June 28, 2015

A1 Bakery - Doraemon Pancake

A1 Bakery is a Japanese bakery in conjunction with Balencia and their cafes. Being one of the popular fighters that can be found nowhere but all over Hong Kong, they offer amazing Japanese bakeries at the store with endless varieties from ordinary buns, donuts to even beautifully made cakes.
One of them is this elegantly appealing green apple tart. The tart is bottomed with a thin biscuit crust, then a sweet and slightly citrus jelly with some green apple bits, topped off with a very light egg white mousse; meringue, edible gold flakes and white chocolate leaf as garnishes.
In celebration for the Doraemon anniversary, some specially made pancakes are also available with characters’ stamps on.
While both pancakes are not supposedly sweet, neither the red bean nor custard filling is enough to level up the sweetness. These dense, thick yet fudgy pancakes are quite disappointing and should only be worth for a camera eat first.

Doraemon Red Bean & Cream Pancake
多啦A夢 紅豆忌廉班戟

Dorami Custard & Cream Pancake
多啦美 吉士忌廉班戟

Pomme Verte

A Selection of Cake

A-1 Bakery

A1 Bakery
Address: Unit 5T060, Arrivals Meeters & Greeters Hall, Level 5, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2787 3303
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 07:00-23:00
Website: /

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