Sunday, April 12, 2015

Big Fernand - French Burger

I'm not a fan of burger. But when I get a burger, it must be a good one, just like the Big Fernand. It is a French burger workshop that sells burgers in their homemade French style, from beef, lamb, chicken to vegetarian. A second major ingredient, cheese, is not those typical cheddar, but a variety of French cheese. The little combo comes with one of their hamburgers, freshly made French fries and a drink. The fluffy sesame buns are made with my choice of medium rare beef, pinkish flesh, juicy, tender, a piece of absolute crispy bacon and sweet caramelized onions. Not only the melted French cheese does not have a significant saltiness but intensively stinky, the combination is just out of this world! I'm looking forward to my second visit!
Little Combo


 Homemade French Fries, Ketchup & Real Mayonnaise

Le Bartholome

Le Bartholome

Beef, Raclette de Savoie Cheese, Pork Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Chives, BB Fernand (Homemade barbecue sauce) & Tata Fernand (Homemade cocktail sauce)

Medium Rare Beef

Big Fernand
Address: Shop 2017, Podium 2, IFC Mall , 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 6650 0580
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00

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