Saturday, March 28, 2015

Maxim's Cake 美心西餅 - 3.9 Milkiness

Hello Cow Cow! Recently, Maxim's Bakery has come up with a series of Organic Australian Milk Cakes. The use of 3.9% milk content organic milk makes the cream filling extra creamy and delicious. The milkiness is so unexpectedly luscious, smooth and perfectly sweet. Even though the chocolate area, made with natural bamboo charcoal powder, could be more pronounced, the egg white sponge is light, fluffy like a pillow. All in all, this is not a bad one. 

3.9 Australian Milk Cake Roll
3.9 澳洲朱奶卷

Bamboo Charcoal Chocolate Cake, Egg White Sponge Cake
竹炭黑朱古力蛋糕, 鬆軟蛋白蛋糕

3.9 Organic Milk Pudding, 3.9 Organic Milk Cream
3.9 有機牛奶奶凍, 3.9 有機牛奶忌廉

Maxim's Cake 美心西餅
Telephone: 2743 3711

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