Monday, February 16, 2015

Empire City Roasted Duck 大都烤鴨 - Duckie New Year

This new restaurant specialises in Pekinese food is started up by the Super Star Group. They roast their signature Peking Duck in lychee wood oven. Similar to Beijing Kitchen at Grand Hyatt Macau, the roasted Peking duck is served in two ways with skin and meat separated. Along side are some out of traditions condiments such as purple turnip and honey melon, sugar and Hoisin sauce. The separately sliced up duck meats are served underneath duck skins that are not so crispy but decent to dip in granulated sugar. The steaming hot pancakes are served in bamboo steamer, which is thin, soft and moist. The marinated whelk is a cold appetizer and is beautifully displayed to the table. The sesame bun is filled with flavorful minced pork and scallions, fried perfectly golden brown. Interestingly, the seared pork buns are extremely small in size but full of piping hot broth. Another signature would be this beef rib that is decently cooked to tender. A deep fried fish in dark vinegar sauce shows a great tardiness as compare to traditional sweet and sour sauce. Lastly, we order a red bean mochi roll with mung bean flour and a crumbly duckie, but the custard filling is a bit too dry. To add on, they serve fruits as welcoming snacks to every table.

Roasted Peking Duck


Serve with Turnip, Honey Melon, Cucumber, Green Onion, BBQ Sauce, Sugar & Pancake

Marinated Whelk with Homemade Sauce

Deep Fried Minced Meat Bun with Sesame

Deep Fried Minced Meat Bun with Sesame

Pan Fried Pork & Vegetable Bun

Stewed Beef Rib

Deep Fried Fish with Vinegar Sauce

Rice Cakes with Minced Sesame & Peanut

Baked Green Apple & Custard in Duck Shape

Baked Green Apple & Custard in Duck Shape

Grapes & Honey Melon

Empire City Roasted Duck 大都烤鴨
Address: Shop 221, 2/F, K11 Art Mall,18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2628 0662
Opening Hours: 11:30-23:00

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