Saturday, January 24, 2015

McDonald's - Green Tea Sundae

To recall my last experience with McDonald's green tea ice cream, I still remember how awfully sweet the cone was. This month, they expand the series and come up with more selections, such as the Green Tea Double Sundae and Oreo Wafer Green Tea McFlurry. Since I am not a fan of McFlurry nor any McDonald's ice creams, I stick with the most basic choice of green tea swirl vanilla sundae. The sundae with green tea mix vanilla base is topped with the ordinary crushed peanut and chocolate syrup. I don't enjoy the chocolate honestly, but realizing the green tea intensity has been slightly improved and sweetness is still acceptable, I appreciate and pay full respect to finish the cup.

Green Tea Vanilla Sundae

Green Tea Mix Vanilla, Crushed Peanuts and Chocolate Syrup

Green Tea Series
Address: Aberdeen Centre, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2554 5920
Opening Hours: 24 hours

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