Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ho Hung Kee 何洪記 - Dinner

Ho Hung Kee has been on the Michelin recommendation list for 3 years. As part of the Tasty Congee Co., it is not surprising to find exactly the same food on their menus. For our simple dinner, my mom and I order a steamed rice roll with fried dough stick, I am pleased because they served it not only with basic sweet paste and sesame paste, but also a hot, mini jar of sweet soy sauce! The fried dough stick is still crispy on the edges and is wrapped with the perfect thinness of rice roll. We deliberately ask for only beef tendon instead of brisket, which is cooked super tender in a flavorful Chu Hau sauce, sitting on a bed of fresh green Choi Sum. At last, the spinefoot is served separately with the warm congee highlighted with dried tangerine peels, very fragrant and comforting. 

Soy Sauce, Vinegar and Chili Paste

Rice Paper Roll Wrapped with Deep Fried Dough Stick
香油條腸粉 -炸兩

Chu Hau Braised Beef Tendon

Spinefoot Congee with Dried Tangerine Peels

Spinefoot Congee with Dried Tangerine Peels

Ho Hung Kee 何洪記
Address: Shop 1204-1205, 12/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2577 6060
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-00:00

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