Sunday, October 26, 2014

Three on Canton - Spanish Theme Buffet

At the peak season of Hairy Crab, most hotel will offer Hairy Crab Buffet, so does Three on Canton. It is however only available in dinner buffet and for lunch, they are now promoting the theme of Spanish. A range of seafoods are still normally being served (except for fresh oysters), international dishes as Japanese sushi and sashimi, Thai dishes such as green curry; Cantonese sweet & sour fish and dim sum; England Yorkshire pudding with roast of the day; made-to-order congee and noodle station with the addition of Spanish dishes. Basically they are just several paellas, churros and egg flan. At the dessert table, you'll still find cakes, cookies, puddings, waffles and a cart of Movenpick to choose from. But by chance some of my favourite flavors are not available. I hope to see more from them!

Cheese board

Japanese soba noodle

Deep fried hard boiled egg in Thai sweet & chili sauce

Spanish appetizers

Indian fish curry

Indian naan

Yorkshire pudding

Chicken paella with truffle

Squid paella

Classic paella with shrimps, sausage chicken and saffron

Made-to-order laksa

Cinnamon sugar churros

Key lime pie

Peanut butter cream tart

Egg white souffle

Green tea tiramisu

Bread & Butter Pudding with vanilla sauce on the side


Sashimi platter with soy sauce

Spanish churros with chocolate sauce

A quarter of waffle topped with Movenpick Espresso Croquant

Three on Canton
Address: Level 3, Gateway Hotel, Harbour City, 13 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2113 7828
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06:30-23:30

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