Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Honey Creme - Ice Cream

Honey Creme, which is known for their Honey comb,  was first launched in Taiwan. They use the South Korean organic milk ice cream as their base. Despite the soft serve is melting rather fast, the garnishing chewy honey comb or sticky honey drizzle has added natural sweetness to the light and soft ice cream. The cup comes in comparatively small size, and you can choose your own color of spoon.
They also offer a good variety of toppings such as organic cotton candy, mixed grains, caramel popcorn, chocolate drizzle and chocolate beans. Order in cone version or affogato are also available. I would definitely like it more if it contained heavier milk content.

Honey Creme

Comb Honey

Honey Comb
Honey Creme
Address: 34 Lee Garden Road Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3525 1264
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:30

BurgeRoom - Burger

BurgeRoom, might be one of the best place to enjoy an American burger in Hong Kong. They don't just offer regular cheese with beef patties, but also a variety including seafoods, vegetarian; their signatures burgers are foie gras beef, bacon chicken, shell crab burger, lobster and portobello mushroom.
They use sesame buns that have been toasted, assemble with juicy sliced tomatoes and fresh romaine lettuce. For the mega cheese beef patty burger, it has almost 80g of cheddar cheese melting like lava whereas the tempura-battered soft shell crab, which has been deliberately brought to the table in its entire form, is seasonal, succulent and has been dressed generously with homemade pickled tartare sauce.
One great news is that they'll soon move to a more convenient location at Paterson Street Fashion Walk. No matter you're a meat lover, seafood sucker, or a veggie freak, you can surely find your favourite combination at BurgeRoom!


Mega Cheese Burger

The melty cheddar cheeseeee

Soft Shell Crab Burger

Address: Shop D, G/F, 50-56 Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2890 9130
Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 11:00-23:00 ; Fri-Sat 11:00-00:00

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Three on Canton - Spanish Theme Buffet

At the peak season of Hairy Crab, most hotel will offer Hairy Crab Buffet, so does Three on Canton. It is however only available in dinner buffet and for lunch, they are now promoting the theme of Spanish. A range of seafoods are still normally being served (except for fresh oysters), international dishes as Japanese sushi and sashimi, Thai dishes such as green curry; Cantonese sweet & sour fish and dim sum; England Yorkshire pudding with roast of the day; made-to-order congee and noodle station with the addition of Spanish dishes. Basically they are just several paellas, churros and egg flan. At the dessert table, you'll still find cakes, cookies, puddings, waffles and a cart of Movenpick to choose from. But by chance some of my favourite flavors are not available. I hope to see more from them!

Cheese board

Japanese soba noodle

Deep fried hard boiled egg in Thai sweet & chili sauce

Spanish appetizers

Indian fish curry

Indian naan

Yorkshire pudding

Chicken paella with truffle

Squid paella

Classic paella with shrimps, sausage chicken and saffron

Made-to-order laksa

Cinnamon sugar churros

Key lime pie

Peanut butter cream tart

Egg white souffle

Green tea tiramisu

Bread & Butter Pudding with vanilla sauce on the side


Sashimi platter with soy sauce

Spanish churros with chocolate sauce

A quarter of waffle topped with Movenpick Espresso Croquant

Three on Canton
Address: Level 3, Gateway Hotel, Harbour City, 13 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2113 7828
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06:30-23:30

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Soft Creme - Ice Cream

"Sometimes the strangest combinations produces the best temptations" (Soft Creme, 2014). I can not agree more with this. Since the day Soft Creme pops up at Tai Hang, I have been wanting to try their flaming ice cream which generally has lower fat content than normal ice cream. 
The black - & - white theme is super stunning even though the area could have been bigger. 
Please allow me to present you the Flamed Bacon This is what happens when bacon met cereal Salty, sweet, soft;.!! Presenting the power of three The infusion of cereal in milk is so obvious and surprising that I literally jumped up in front of a friend after my first spoon! The bacon bits topping have also brought this flaming soft cream to heaven! And I have came across a very interesting comment that they should have offered hot bacon bits. That's right! 
Sangria, the fruit-based punch is only limited for 18+ due to its alcohol content. It helps to prove that I am really not an alcoholic-drinker.

Soft Creme

Flamed Bacon

Flamed Bacon



Soft Creme
Address: G/F., 6-7 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang
Telephone: 2370 3205
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 15:00-00:00

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tsim Chai Kee Noodle 沾仔記 - Dinner

This noodle place at Central has been rated and recommended by Michelin and OpenRice. The restaurant is neat and clean compare to other traditional wonton noodle restaurants. The menu is simple, understandable and straight to point with only three main but signature toppings: King Prawn Wonton, Fresh Minced Fish Ball and Fresh Sliced Beef.
The plain big serving wontons are in extra-large size, each filled with 2 to 8 ratio of pork and king-size fresh prawn. The broth is simmered to the right consistency and flavor, complemented with generous amount of chopped spring onions.
This can be one of those great deals around this area. 

King prawn wontons

King prawn wontons

Tsim Chai Kee Noodle 沾仔記
Address: Shop B, G/F Jade Centre, 98 Wellington Street, Central
Telephone: 2850 6471
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-22:00

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Social Place 唐宮小聚 - Dinner

This new restaurant, Social Place 唐宮小聚 is one of the Tang Palace (China) Holding Limited. They offer continental Cantonese dim sum in a healthy and modern way, claiming to use rice bran oil and without MSG. When reaching the 2/F of The L. Place, you will find a spacious Tiffany-blue themed area with two open kitchens having some bamboo steamers. It is very comforting and services are so nice.
Since it is October, they are offering some seasonal selection based on crab roe. I especially love the crispy rice base with the flavourful crab roe. The vinegar sesame paste is very nutty but the noodle is way too clumsy and dry. However, their signature dishes such as the steamed truffle buns, which are dusted with cocoa powder to resemble real mushrooms, are filled with aromatic truffled mushroom filling; whilst the hilariously-named pork belly slider has hint of peanut paste, pickled veggies and a spongy sweet bun.
At the end, we ordered a dessert platter that comes with two choices of pudding and two pastries. The colour of red bean pudding with layer of coconut milk is a bit artificial whereas the mango version has considerable diced mangoes. I personally prefer the mochi dumpling over the deep fried sesame ball which is tough and doughy, but surprisingly it is not filled with ordinary red bean paste but pineapple paste!  

Fungus & mushroom decoration

Social place menu

Open kitchen area

Century eggs in Sichuan sauce 川汁皮蛋

Pork knuckles in ginger garlic marinade 沙薑豬手

Romaine lettuce in sesame dressing 麻醬羅馬

Crispy rice with crab roe paste 蟹粉窩粑

Crispy rice with crab roe paste 蟹粉窩粑

Vinegar sesame paste noodle 呷醋拌麵

Truffle shiitake buns 松露香菇

Pork belly slider 猛虎咬豬

Sesame ping pong 乒乓麻球

Peanut sesame dumpling 糖不甩丸

Peanut sesame dumpling 糖不甩丸

Mango zero yogurt 芒果奶凍

Coconut red bean cup 椰汁紅豆

Social Place 唐宮小聚
Address: 2/F, The L.Place, No.139 Queen's Road Central Central District, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3568 9666
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-15:00; 18:00-22:00

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