Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sushi Masa 鮨政 - Lunch

Last year when this Japanese restaurant was newly opened, I came for dinner with my parents to celebrate my Father's birthday. It is often crowded with people especially dinner hours. They serve sushi set, assorted sashimi rice bowl, eel omelette rice, udon and many more during the afternoon, which are mostly meal sets complemented with miso soup, Japanese egg custard and mini appetizer.
We once tried an afternoon dish - the braised fish which comes with plain rice. At night, you'll be given the a la carte menu only. I have tried their sashimi and grilled salmon. 
The  gorgeously plated sashimi are extremely fresh, no matter it's salmon, sweet shrimp or yellow tail; the succulent and fleshy grilled salmon belly or head are also highly recommended. 
My favourite part must be the Tamago omelette that I notably asked from the Chef. It is luscious!
For such reasonable price, what can you ask for more? 

Sashimi set of 3 kinds (salmon, sweet shrimp and yellow tail)

Grilled salmon belly served with lemon wedge and grated daikon

Braised fish in sweet broth served with steamed rice, Japanese egg custard and miso soup

Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelette)

Deluxe sashimi rice for two

Sushi Masa 鮨政
Address: 142 Aberdeen Main Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2501 0618
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00; 18:00-23:00

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