Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Enchanted Garden Restaurant 翠樂庭餐廳 - Dinner Buffet

When dining at Enchanted Garden at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Resort, you can enjoy an international buffet with Disney characters visiting every table for some memorable photo taking.
It has been a while since I came here for dinner buffet and therefore my family decided to have our Mid Autumn dinner here tonight. The food are indeed international, with all sorts of cold seafood, appetizers, salad, soup, cheeses and hot dishes; shabu shabu, barbecues, grills and desserts.
The appetizers and entrees are all beautifully displayed, smoked salmon and Japanese sashimi are fresh and fatty. You'll occasionally find huge Alaska crab leg at the cold seafood section.
For the mains, I would highly recommend the Peking spare ribs and grilled salmon fillets which are not overcooked with pink flesh in the middle.
At the dessert table, there are a variety of Mickey Mouse theme cake and patisseries, but none can impress me except for the bread n' butter pudding, along side with vanilla sauce. There is also a self serve ice cream machine for you to squeeze a soft serve ice cream in a waffle cone that they provide. The cone is crispy, which is perfect to go with the amazing vanilla softee!

Octopus salad
Seared beef salad

Parma ham with melon
Caprese salad
Smoked salmon


Cheese board:
Emmental cheese
Gruyere cheese
Blue cheese

Japanese entree

Assorted sashimi sushi cup

Salmon and crab roe salad in wasabi dressing


Sushi platter one

Sushi platter two

Kids corner:
Fish n' chips with tartare sauce
Corn on the cob
Pork sausages
Tomato sauce for pasta
Japanese curry for rice

Roasted lamb chops

Roasted beef

Steamed fish

Guangdong siu mei

Peking spareribs

Grilled prawns with green beans

Grilled salmon fillet with roasted cherry tomatoes and spinach

Indian spiced fried rice

Grilled cod fish with papadum

Indian lamb chop and garlic butter naan bread

Grilled cod fish in teriyaki sauce

Stir fried spicy Korean rice cake

Tempura with shrimps, pumpkin, eggplant and sweet potatoes

White chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain

Bread n' butter pudding

Mickey stamped vanilla sponge cake

Mango and passion fruit cake

Black forest chocolate cake

Mango and cream cake

Lemon tarts

Mickey Mouse chocolate mousse

Opera cake

Winnie The Pooh mango mousse cake


Green tea  and red bean panna cotta

Soft serve vanilla ice cream

Enchanted Garden Restaurant 翠樂庭餐廳
Address: Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Magic Road, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3510 6000
Opening Hours: Dinner 17:30-19:30 ; 20:00-22:30

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