Monday, August 18, 2014

Albergue 1601 - Dinner

Albergue 1601 is a very authentic restaurant serving traditional Portuguese foods. You will find a lot of outstanding dishes from appetizers, soup, to stew, meats and finally desserts. I really enjoy their first basket of complimentary french style rolls and so disappointed to know that having additional refill will charge you extra. The soup was supposed to be in the style of bisque but turned out not, yet still full of the freshness from seafoods. Oxtail stew was cooked tender and the cabbage rolls were authentically excelled with salted codfish. The pork ribs had hint of white wine and their signature suckling pigs were stunning. Last but not least, their serradura and coconut creme brulee were the best to end up our meal.

Bread basket

Seafood soup

Red wine oxtail stew

Stuffed cabbage rolls with salted codfish

Honey barbecued pork ribs

Roasted suckling pig

Sawdust pudding

Coconut creme brulee

Albergue 1601
Address: 8 Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazaro, Macau, China
Telephone: +853 2836 1601
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00

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