Sunday, July 13, 2014

Singapore 2014

Without a doubt, Singapore is just another Hong Kong. With a higher living value (and of course high quality), much friendier environment, smaller population and definitely nicer food in my personal opinions. This 3 days trip to SG is followed by my Koh Samui vacation. I stayed in Ritz Carlton Hotel, where I can see a nice view of Marina Bay.

Local SG food @ Chinatown 牛車水美食街:

Beef noodle

Chendol (Shaved ice with coconut milk, black sugar syrup, red beans and pandan jelly)

Qing Tang (Sweet soup with longan, lotus seed and some ice)

Spicy marinated cucumbers

Fresh coconut water

Steamed red grouper

Crispy cereal prawns

White pepper crab

Durian tofu pudding

Taro paste with ginkgo

Xiao Jiang Nan Restaurant 小江南 @ Marina Square:

Shanghai noodle with deep fried spareribs 

Guo tie (Pan seared dumpings)

Deep fried crispy eel

Yellowtail fish with noodle in thicken soup broth

Custard lava buns

Interior of custard lava bun

Ice cream sandwich @ Orchard Road:

Durian wafers

The Banana Leaf Apolo @ Little India:

Papadum (cracker)

Calamansi juice

Fresh coconut water

Briyani rice

Mango curry with shrimps

Indian flatbread

Curry fish head

Wonderful Durians @ Geylang Road:

Musang King Durian 貓山王

Killiney Kopitiam @ Marina Square:

Hainanese style milk tea

Mee Siam

Kaya french toast

Kaya toast

Soft-boiled eggs

After cracking the egg shell

Serve soft-boil egg in authentic way, with pepper and soy

Paradise Inn @ Marina Square:

Rosella drinks 自制凍洛神花

Steamed silver cod fish 清蒸銀雪魚

Sauteed egg with bittermelons 阿婆苦瓜炒蛋

Fried rice with preserved meat 腊味炒飯

Four treasure soup 四寶羹

Pork belly tofu 回鍋肉豆腐

Sesame pastes 芝麻糊
 Almond paste 杏仁糊

Gelateria Italia @ Marina Square:

Earl grey gelato

Makansutra @ Gluttons Bay:

Chicken, pork, beef satay and barbecue prawns with peanut sauce

The Connoisseur Concerto TCC @ Changi Airport:

Hazelnut steamed soy milk

Airplane meal @ Singapore Airline:

Tiramisu flavor ice cream with crushed almond

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