Sunday, July 13, 2014

Koh Samui 2014

Following my Singapore trip, we transit through Changi airport to this wonderful sunny place, Koh Samui. This is also a place with plentiful tropical fruits, especially durians, and no winter season. We basically had seafoods every night for dinner because they were so cheap and fresh.

Thai and Seafood @ Sabeinglae Restaurant:

Guava shake

Fresh coconut water

Steamed blue crab

Crab meat pineapple fried rice

Sauteed kale with garlic

Fried prawns in tamarind sauce

Deep fried fish served with thai style dipping sauce

Pineapple fried rice with shrimps

Steamed mud crab

Fried shrimp cakes

Buffet breakfast @ High Tide (Anantara Resort & Spa):

Cereal and dried fruits 

Choices of milk with full-fat, low-fat, chocolate

Cheese board with brie and cheddar

Lettuce wrap salad with minced chicken

Bread and pastries

Assorted jams and spreads

Slices of fruit cakes, walnut cakes and muffins

Watermelon, melon, pomelo and pineapple

Juices of lemongrass, ginger, rosella

Fruit juice and smoothie

Dimsum and hot dishes

Condiments of chilli powder to ground ginger and spring onion

Egg station

Pancake, waffle or french toast station

Egg benedict

Hard boiled egg

Lom Chom Lay @ Nakhon SI Thammarat:

Banana shake

Tom Yum Kung

Stir fried flat noodles with seafood in soy sauce

Thai and Seafood @ Kitchen Pha:

Lemon (lime) shake

Tom Yum Kung with seafood

Fried red snapper

Mud crab in curry powder

Green papaya salad with crab meat

Crepe with mango sorbet

Almond praline delight

Apple cranberry sorbet in cone

The Address @ The Fisherman's Village:

Mixed fruit shake

Mango Lassi

Tiger prawns with garlic sauce

Grilled red snapper served with lemon slices, butter and thai dipping sauce

Stir fried crab in curry powder

Grilled and baked lobsters

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