Thursday, January 02, 2014

Korea 2013

In year 2013, I celebrated with my family as usual at Korea with a white Christmas. It has been a while since I could spend time with my beloved sisters/bff as they are now studying abroad in Utah. In tradition, we will annually go skiing at Korea and enjoy our Baskin Robbins Ice cream tasting test.
I would like to share some amazing food that I encountered in this trip.

Raw beef tartare with pear salad

Korean cold noodle topped with boiled egg

Korean hot seaweed soup noodle served with kimchi

Bulgogi (korean beef) in sweet broth @ Gugong, Myeongdong

Korean seafood scallion pancakes

Short rib beef patties in korean style

Patbingsu @ Homestead Cafe
(korean shaved ice topped with red bean, red bean mochi, crushed peanut and vanilla yogurt ice cream)

Seasonal strawberry waffle @ Beans Bins Coffee

Belgium waffle served with strawberry and blueberry jams

Apple cinnamon waffle

Maple cinnamon waffle @ Limburg Waffle

Mushroom and prawns risotto

Seafood risotto in tomato sauce

Seafood pasta in tomato sauce

Salad with sesame dressing
Salad with wasabi dressing

Korean barbecue beef

Served over veggies with wasabi dressing

New York cheesecake @ Baskin Robbins

Butter almond

Twinsberry cheesecake

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