Thursday, January 02, 2014

Cebu 2013

Philippine is always my second hometown. Since childhood, I have been there to visit my dad's friends and business partners. And honestly, it is indeed a great place, especially when people treat you politely. This year, I experienced an amazing, relaxing holiday in Cebu Shangri-la Hotel. Let me introduce you the food I spotted.


Mango and green mango shake

Sinigang with fish head

Grilled seafood platter with sweet soy sauce

Grilled fish in filipino style

Seafood spring rolls


Cold bibimbap

Soybean soup served with rice


Salmon sashimi

Japanese hotpot with beef

Vegetarian Udon

Italian @ Gold Mango:

Rambutan Shake

Gold Mango signature chef salad

Cheese baked scallops

Japanese curry pizza

Cheese baked prawns

Cheese baked lobster tail

Coconut buko pie with chocolate drizzle

Halo halo (topped with assorted beans, fruits and a scoop of taro ice cream)

Hotel Buffet Breakfast @ Shangri-La Hotel:

Chocolate donuts

Pastries and breads

Cacao drink (highly recommended)

Egg in your own style

Noodle counter

Kids corner with cereal, pork sausages, milk, muffins and cookies

Freshly made fruit juices

Freshly cut fruits

Yogurt, smoothies, bircher muesli and fruit compote

Cereal and grains

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