Friday, September 20, 2013

Three on Canton - Dinner Buffet

Happy Moon Festival dinner with Family
This is our first year celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival with our Baby boy Enik (my nephew). It is also my mom's old calendar birthday. We booked a table one month in advance to celebrate this wonderful and memorable family day. 
The restaurant is rated as one of the best one among the three sister's cafes (Cafe Marco, add@Prince and Three on Canton). Today, it is surprising that they offered 3 kinds of fresh oysters from 3 different countries, also with foie gras as well as new Mövenpick ice cream flavor -  Banana!!!
There are also different choices of cheese, with detailed descriptions explaining either if it is made of goat or cow milk, a kind of Swiss or brie etc. You can also find gnocchi at the pasta stations and laksa at the Cantonese noodle bar. 
If you want good seafood, I would have to disappoint you for a while since theirs aren't as good as those from the Market. But anyway, I hope you give here a try as they will always make new food such as Beef Wellington and Double boiled soup.

Freshly opened oysters corner and sushi & sashimi bars

Seafood bars (lobters, crab legs, prawns)

Bread basket with self-cutting board, cheese platter

Pasta of your choice

Peking duck and hot dishes corner (but they are not ready yet)

Indian curries, pilaf rice and freshly made naan

Beef Wellington, Roasted Lamb with Yorkshire pudding, pumpkin mash, roasted potatoes and foie gras toast

Desserts and fruits bar

Mövenpick Ice Cream Bar

Tasmania and Irish rock oysters, with salmon sashimi. Served with cocktails sauce and Japanese soy.

Lobster, sashimi, fried wonton with sweet and sour sauce, crab meat with broccoli.

Complimentary sashimi cocktail. (Sweet shrimp, scallop and salmon belly)

Peking duck.

Freshly made waffle with condiments, banana ice cream with granola and crunches.

Three on Canton
Address: 尖沙咀廣東道13號海港城港威酒店3樓
Telephone: 2113 7828
Opening Hours: 星期一至日: 06:30-23:00

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