Friday, September 13, 2013

Lei Garden 利苑 - Set Dinner

Dinner gathering with Family and friends
A night, after a wonderful university black Friday, my family and I booked a table at Lei Garden to meet up friends (Uncle Fook and his wife) from Macau. We ordered a dinner set for four, added dishes of braised eel and egg puff. The dinner was spectacular and even though we had already expected for high quality food, their services were also polite and impressive. In our case, we asked to change the original chicken soup porridge into their famous lobster bisque base, and they had mistakenly given us back the chicken soup one. We immediately informed the waitress who were responsible for it and she promised to change us a new pot of porridge. (Yay for an extra-dish-tasting and photo-taking!)
Additionally, as our set menu is only for four persons and we were actually five altogether, she gave us an extra bowl of red bean sweet soup (with many lotus seeds) to end up this wonderful dinner.
I am hoping to have a chance for their sago pudding (栗子茸西米焗布甸) next time.

Garlic with hand-tabbed cucumber slices 蒜拍青瓜

Dried fish with salted peanuts 銀魚乾花生

Double boiled chicken and fish head soup 燉魚頭雞湯

Soft shell crab 軟殼蟹

Scallops with beans stir fry 帶子炒青豆

Braise spotted eels 炆斑鱔

Dried scallop over vegetables 乾貝油麥菜

Chicken stock porridge with crispy rice 西施雞湯泡飯

Lobster bisque porridge with crispy rice 西施龍蝦湯泡貴妃飯

Egg puffs with honey and sesame seeds 蜜糖脆麻花

利苑 Lei Garden
Address: 銅鑼灣勿地臣街1號時代廣場食通天10樓
Telephone: 2506 3828
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