Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Lounge (JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong) - Lunch Buffet

Annual class gathering lunch buffet
Before leaving high school, this was our class last lunch buffet gathering. As everyone is going to different countries or different universities, we got the chance to farewell those leaving us. This precious moment had yet short but memorable. The food did not impressed me, but the atmosphere did.
The buffet can basically be divided into 4 big areas: salad bar, noodle soup bar, Indian curry and desserts bar. They will charge you differently if you intend to go for only a few bars.
Their drink menu has a large variety of flower tea to Chinese tea. And I got a rose tea, which was saying it could help digestion.
Overall, I prefer their tea buffet instead. If by chance I get to go there for tea buffet again, I'll definitely share with you their latest version of tea buffet.

Your choice of mix green salad and dressing
(Baby spinach, feta cheese, croutons, balsamic vinegar)

Your choice of soup base, noodle, wonton, vegetables, fish balls and assorted condiments
(Choi Sum, tofu puff, squid ball, mushroom ball, shrimp wonton, 1/2 boiled egg with laksa soup)

Desserts selection
Blueberry cheesecake with summer berries
Bread and butter pudding with choices of blueberry or raspberry sauce, vanilla sauce
Assorted cookies: Oatmeal raisin; peanut butter; chocolate chips
Fruit selection: Pineapples, watermelon, melons

Oatmeal raisin cookies and peanut butter cookies
 Mövenpick ice cream with choice of waffle cone or freshly made waffle

The Lounge (JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong)
Address: 金鐘金鐘道88號太古廣場香港JW萬豪酒店大堂
Telephone: 2810 8366
Opening Hours: 星期日至四: 08:00-00:00; 星期五至六及公眾假期: 08:00-01:00
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