Thursday, August 22, 2013

Peak Cafe Bar - Dinner

Birthday dinner with Friends
Sweet 16! A day you would not want to miss. People often say it is meant to be memorable and unforgettable. For this reason, I celebrated my cousin's sweet 16 at Soho Peak Cafe and also invited some of our friends to join.
Creamy seafood chowder with croutons

Mexican chilly tomato soup with tortilla chips

Clam linguine in basil and herb sauce

Pistachio roll cake slice

Apple crumble

New York style cheesecake

Chocolate devil cake

Peak Cafe Bar
Address: 中環蘇豪些利街9-13號
Telephone: 2140 6877
Opening Hours: 星期一至五︰11:00-02:00星期六︰09:00-02:00星期日及假日︰09:00至午夜
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