Saturday, August 24, 2013

Estab De Comidas Ngao Keo Ka Lei Chon 牛記咖喱美食 - Lunch

Cantonese brunch with aunt and cousin
This is one of my favorite restaurant in Macau, a restaurant being recommended by Michelin. They have amazing beef brisket curry as well as water crab porridge. Me and my family had a delicious brunch here.

Crab porridge (small pot) 水蟹粥 (細窩)

Crab roe with egg noodles 蟹皇撈麵

Beef brisket in clear broth 清湯燉牛腩

Estab De Comidas Ngao Keo Ka Lei Chon 牛記咖喱美食
Address: 新馬路十月初五街1號地下
Telephone: 2895 6129
Opening Hours: 星期一至日:08:00-02:00
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