Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Chee Kee 池記 - Set Dinner

Set dinner with Mom
This restaurant consists of 2 levels and they usually open the top floor at dinner time only. (the ground floor will normally open during lunch hour when the crowd appears.) Every time you finished to check bills, they'll give you two more $6 coupons, which is a good business strategy to keep more customers coming for their second time. 

Each set dinner comes with either egg noodles or porridge plus snacks, veggies, Chinese desserts or chicken soup. By adding $5 more, you can enjoy a cup of soy milk or barley water, served either hot or cold.

Hot Barley water (with lots of barley at the bottom, and sometimes a date) Gingery, and sweet. nom! 

Snacks platter: 
(served along chili soy sauce)
2 blanched fish balls
3 shrimp wontons
2 dumplings

Pork leg and shrimp wontons noodle

Famous hairy crab porridge (my favourite)

For Chinese desserts, they have:
楊枝金露 (only in summer)
*Make sure you tell the waitress to serve desserts after meal, otherwise they will give it to you before the main dishes come.

Chee Kee 池記
Address: 中環干諾道中21-22號華商會所大廈地下至1樓
Telephone: 2522 0786
Opening Hours: 星期一至日:11:00-22:30
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