Sunday, August 25, 2013

Casa de Pasto Seng Choeng 誠昌飯店 - Dinner

Simple dinner with Mom
My mom and I were hanging around KongYa Street (官也街) and we decided to have dinner here. We passed by a restaurant with so many people queuing so we also went there to wait for a table. 
Suprisingly, their food are so delicious even though the menu has limited choices. 

Crab porridge (small pot)
水蟹粥 (細窩) 

Fried squid balls and fish balls (Worcestershire sauce)
酥炸墨魚丸,酥炸鯪魚球 (喼汁)

誠昌飯店 Casa de Pasto Seng Choeng
Address: 氹仔舊城區官也街28-30號
Opening Hours: 星期一至日:12:00-23:30
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