Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Market - Dinner Buffet

Dinner buffet with Family
To celebrate my first year of university, I selected this hotel restaurant where I dreamt to go study here, the Hotel icon. School of Hotel and Tourism Management of Polytechnic University. It was a great experience to see students working so hard in their posts and served us very politely and neatly. They looked decent and delightful, and food are impressive, especially with the theme of seasonal durians! 

Fruit bars

Salad bar

Prepared salad, cheese platter and cold cuts 

They also have parma ham, roast beef, serve with homemade black truffle honey as well as honeydew melon.

Caviar and salmon roe, with tuna and crab salad

Fresh Scallop in Thai chili sauce

Lobster tower

Mushroom risotto, duck breast, clams and salmon fillet

Indian curries with lamb, chicken and beef.

Crab congee and Laksa order bar

There are also soup, Hainan chicken rice, italian pizzas, korean chili rice cake, roasted lamb and beef

Dessert bar and egg pudding tower

Dessert fridge

Lobster with roe

Caviar and salmon roe; scallop in thai chili sauce

Egg sushi, shrimps, scallop and salmon sashimi

French onion soup with cheese toast

Laksa with tofu puff, shrimp, half boiled egg and noodles

Green tea and bailey panna cotta, durian mousse cup, durian cheese tarts, durian pandan roll, durian cheesecakes

Homemade durian ice cream with a bite of apple crumble

Deep fried durian

The Market
Address: 2/F, Hotel Icon, 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3400 1408
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06:30-22:30

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wang Fu 王府 - Lunch

Lunch with Mom
My mom was born in Beijing, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why we both enjoy Pei Fang foods.
This restaurant is very home-style and people here are speaking Mandarin.  They are famous for their homemade dumplings, with various type of filling combinations. 

Spice sauce cold noodle 炸醬冷麵

Vegetarian steamed dumplings 花素蒸餃子

Mochi with red bean and sesame seeds, rolled in soy bean powder 爐打滾

Wang Fu 王府
Address: 中環威靈頓街65號
Telephone: 2121 8089
Opening Hours: 星期一至六 11:00-15:00 ; 18:00-22:00   星期日休息

大佳B甜品屋 - Dessert

Desserts with Mom
After having a simple dinner with Mom, she suggested to go for desserts. The family-style (Wing Hong desserts shop) didn't open that day, so we went to this modern shop at Aberdeen Old street.

Peanut paste with lotus seed 蓮子花生糊

水上人 (蛋、黑豆、木耳)

Glutinous rice balls with peanut and sesame dust 糖不甩
Address: 120 Old Main St Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2555 2929
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon 14:30 - 01:00 ; Close on Wed

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Casa de Pasto Seng Choeng 誠昌飯店 - Dinner

Simple dinner with Mom
My mom and I were hanging around KongYa Street (官也街) and we decided to have dinner here. We passed by a restaurant with so many people queuing so we also went there to wait for a table. 
Suprisingly, their food are so delicious even though the menu has limited choices. 

Crab porridge (small pot)
水蟹粥 (細窩) 

Fried squid balls and fish balls (Worcestershire sauce)
酥炸墨魚丸,酥炸鯪魚球 (喼汁)

誠昌飯店 Casa de Pasto Seng Choeng
Address: 氹仔舊城區官也街28-30號
Opening Hours: 星期一至日:12:00-23:30

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Estab De Comidas Ngao Keo Ka Lei Chon 牛記咖喱美食 - Lunch

Cantonese brunch with aunt and cousin
This is one of my favorite restaurant in Macau, a restaurant being recommended by Michelin. They have amazing beef brisket curry as well as water crab porridge. Me and my family had a delicious brunch here.

Crab porridge (small pot) 水蟹粥 (細窩)

Crab roe with egg noodles 蟹皇撈麵

Beef brisket in clear broth 清湯燉牛腩

Estab De Comidas Ngao Keo Ka Lei Chon 牛記咖喱美食
Address: 新馬路十月初五街1號地下
Telephone: 2895 6129
Opening Hours: 星期一至日:08:00-02:00

Yee Shun 義順鮮奶 - Dessert for tea

Macau traditional desserts
This is called double skin steamed milk pudding, and supposed to have a skin of milk on top of the silky pudding. However, when we were served with it, the skin had disappeared.
According to the waiter we asked, he said there is no skin on pudding anymore , we were very disappointed. 

Double skin steamed milk pudding 雙皮奶

Double skin steamed milk pudding 雙皮奶

Yee Shun 義順牛奶公司 
Address: 新馬路60號
Telephone: 2857 3638
Opening Hours: 星期一至日:09:00-00:00

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harbourside Cafe & Lounge (Macau Jockey Club Members' Club House) - Dinner

Birthday dinner with Family
Last year when it was my Mother's birthday, Dad suggested to go to somewhere we don't usually have chances to go. A club western restaurant located at SheungWan Macau Ferry pier. It was surprising that the food were as good as those 5 stars restaurant and the environment was decent.

Bread and veggie sticks with thousand island dipping sauce

Bread basket

Salmon tartare

Seafood basket (clam, oyster, crab legs, lobster) with cocktail sauce

Mushroom pocket

Pan-fried sea bass with fried risotto ball

Cheese baked lobster

Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Harbourside Cafe & Lounge (Macau Jockey Club Members' Club House)
Address: 上環干諾道中168-200 號信德中心301A, 302A-B & 303A號
Telephone: 2922 6098
Opening Hours: 星期一至日: 11:30-00:00

Oceanna 鰲 - Dinner

Birthday dinner with Family
It was my Father's birthday. Our family decided to have a celebration dinner at K11 Oceanna, since the branch we often visit in Timesquare has closed down recently. We made a few a la carte order and three desserts to end up this wonderful night.

Seafood risotto in tomato sauce

Scallop fried spaghetti

Sea bass in tomato sauce

Creme brulee

Chocolate devil cake

Souffle with vanilla sauce

Address: Shop G26, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 2506 1323
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday: 12:00-15:00, 18:00-00:00

Peak Cafe Bar - Dinner

Birthday dinner with Friends
Sweet 16! A day you would not want to miss. People often say it is meant to be memorable and unforgettable. For this reason, I celebrated my cousin's sweet 16 at Soho Peak Cafe and also invited some of our friends to join.
Creamy seafood chowder with croutons

Mexican chilly tomato soup with tortilla chips

Clam linguine in basil and herb sauce

Pistachio roll cake slice

Apple crumble

New York style cheesecake

Chocolate devil cake

Peak Cafe Bar
Address: 中環蘇豪些利街9-13號
Telephone: 2140 6877
Opening Hours: 星期一至五︰11:00-02:00星期六︰09:00-02:00星期日及假日︰09:00至午夜
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